2021's 101 Resources for Women in Recovery

2021's 101 Resources for Women in Recovery


This is the second edition of this mini-library of AMAZING resources and includes the latest and most up-to-date information & research. 


It has become more important than ever, that the recovery and sobriety communities have access to information that is helpful & that it is supportive to our physical, emotional, spiritual, mental health and well-being. 


I have always felt strongly that regardless of whether or not you identify as being in a recognised recovery programme, you will benefit hugely by having access to this information. 


I created ‘The Women’s Self-Love Hub’ to address this need.


You may work in services, have family members who have been affected by substance or alcohol misuse, disordered eating, gambling, or any other behavioural disorder.


As a woman in long-term recovery and someone who has worked alongside others for over 2 decades, I have access to and have utilised many different sources of support. 


It gives me SO much pleasure to share these with you.


It is my absolute passion to research personal development and create events, workshops & experiences that provide women in recovery, with life-altering information, if implemented!


There is so much goodness inside this guide. 

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    This guide is for your own personal use only. This must not be distributed, copied or shared without the permission of Karen Marie Johnston.