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Welcome to the ‘Self-Love Hub', We hope you find this a soft place to land. We are here to provide inspiration & support to all those who identify as women & who know they want to bring more Self-Love & Self Care into their lives.

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About Self Love Hub

Our Women's Self Love Hub is a community created to give daily support & encouragement. Providing to inspiration to women who know they want to bring more self-care & self-love into their lives.

We began offering support to women in recovery from addiction, alcoholism, trauma, grief, co-dependency or mental health. But has transformed into gorgeous community for women who are looking to take care of themselves, in a more compassionate way.

All women are incredibly welcome in this online haven of kindness. 

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It is so lovely to welcome you here to my online home. I’m Karen Marie Johnston (Award-Nominated ITV, BYCA), champion of brilliant women, who are sober or in recovery. Well done for getting here, you have probably been through a lot already. And you know are here for a reason. You may be recovering from addiction, alcoholism, disordered eating, codependency, trauma or a dysfunctional childhood.


You have probably been working your arse off, doing all the things, you are successful, a perfectionist and a high-achieving human, in your chosen field. Yet you still feel that you have a point to prove. You’ve read ALL the books, attempted meditation and maybe been through the 12 steps (numerous times). You know you deserve more than this job or this relationship, that is draining the life out of you. You have probably been working so hard that some days, you don’t even know who you are anymore. You put our hand up for everything, not being able to say ‘NO’ even when you are exhausted. You prioritise everyone else’s needs before your own, resulting in overwhelm and resentment.


You know that spending money, scrolling on social media, excessively exercising, counting calories or eating for comfort, isn’t bringing you joy, but it’s all you have left!


I get it...  I really do.

The Self Love Hub is managed by Karen Marie Johnston.

All contents and materials remain the property of Karen Marie Johnston.

(C) 2021 Karen Marie Johnson

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