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The Definitive Recovery Toolkit
  • The Definitive Recovery Toolkit

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    I have created this recovery toolkit to support you in your daily life. 


    It has always been important to me, that we are able to access tools and resources, that enable us to integrate the incredible tools of recovery (including 12 steps programmes) and beyond. 


    I have used all of the resources within this toolkit and hope that they will provide some structure during the coming weeks/months. 


    I’m Karen and I am a woman in long-term recovery from addiction , codependency and anxiety. 


    I am also a social worker for addiction & mental health, a yoga teacher, using trauma-informed practices to promote healing and an award-winning ICF accredited Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. 


    It is my mission to support all those in the recovery community by promoting deep self-care, the kindest self-talk and ultimately, real self-love. 


    Everything me and my incredible team create, has this at its core. 


    Whether you are new here, part of our Facebook Group, attend our online and in-person events/retreats, you are very WELCOME. 


    It is my hope that this Toolkit will remind you each day that you matter, your feelings are important and that you are deeply deserving of love and kindness, especially from yourself. 


    Sending you SO much love, 


    Karen x

    • Personal Use Only

      This guide is for your own personal use only. This must not be distributed, copied or shared without the permission of Karen Marie Johnston.

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