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Are you ready to be the KINDEST to yourself that you’ve ever been and learn how to work with your nervous system, so you can have the life you actually deserve?

The Self-Love Method - an intensive 1:1 coaching programme for women who are truly ready to thrive.

Let’s do this.

I wonder if you’ve noticed any of these feelings recently?

  • You’re working your arse off and are high achieving, but no longer feel the joy and excitement that used to come with it

  • You are full of anxiety and know that your nervous system needs attention

  • You've spent years in therapy but still don't feel ok in your own skin

  • You have all the outward trappings of success but it feels meaningless

  • You exhaust yourself trying to make everything perfect - though it never feels like enough

  • You’re trying so hard to please everyone ( at your own expense)

  • You feel guilty whenever you try to prioritise your self-care

You’ve not considered what your own hopes, dreams or goals are for some time because you’ve barely had the space to breathe and you want to be able to breathe again without your head telling you that rest is unproductive and you need to do more.


...Feeling able to choose to rest and make decisions with ease
...Working with your biology as well as your psychology
...Knowing the next steps on your life path and having a clear sense of purpose
...Knowing that productivity is not all you are here for and you can experience deep joy
...Being unafraid to be YOU in all situations and never dimming your light for others

...Being able to bloody breathe properly breathe

...The peaceful feeling of your head gently falling onto your pillow at night knowing that your best is good enough and that you’ve been kind to yourself all day.

This is possible for you.

I know because I’ve been in your shoes and I know how quickly burnout can creep up and how nasty your inner mean girl can be.

I spent years trying to work out how to manage these things all by myself, but I was only able to fully understand and embrace ‘self-love’ as a living, breathing thing after I had coaching and been trained in nervous system care.


I always knew that I had to include my nervous system in the healing process and that I needed to learn how to self-soothe, comfort and reassure myself.  


I needed to stop scaring myself. 


I needed to stop abandoning myself.
And this work was the best investment I have ever made in myself.


I’ve been working with women for two decades and have witnessed countless incredible transformations. This is life-changing work. I don’t say that lightly. I know it.

Introducing: 'The SELF-LOVE Method'

An intensive, life-changing 4-6 months of 1:1 coaching for women who deserve to live a life full of freedom, peace and abundance!

​What's Included?


This is coaching for the whole of lovely you. We’re going to spend our time together to:

  • Uncovering the subconscious beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck  -we need to know what is actually going on under the surface. 

  • Rebuilding a relationship with yourself that is kind, supportive and encouraging which will change everything for you

  • Healing your nervous system so you can sustain your changes long-term. No more yo-yo dieting, overspending or relationship drama because your body is stuck in fight/flight/freeze

  • Letting go of harmful behaviours because after this work - you’ll no longer feel compelled to abandon and neglect yourself 

  • Knowing without one inch of doubt, that you are worthy, lovable and deserving of it all (whatever that is for you!) 

  • Creating a life you love and don't want to escape from.

The Details

Before we work together we need to make sure we’re a good fit. 

Deep dive questionnaire – This is so YOU can find out what it is you really want to get out of coaching and whether I’m the right person to support you.


If I’m not, I will let you know and may be able to help with a referral to someone who can.


Getting to know each other chat (30 mins) - during this we will uncover where you are stuck.


This work is not for everyone. It is a deep excavation of the beliefs you hold, (often unconsciously), which are preventing you from living the life and recovery that you deserve.


You will intuitively know if my Self-Love Method coaching is right for you. There is no pressure from me to work together. It absolutely has to be your choice. 


If you want to go ahead, please know that I am FULLY invested in your journey and that I am here to support and encourage, but also hold you accountable, from a place of deep compassion and empathy.

Karen headshot

How we work together

  • Coaching begins with a 90-minute session to get super clear on what you need and want to achieve 

  • We then meet fortnightly for 60 minute calls to reflect on the actions from previous weeks and make a plan for what’s coming next 

  • Email or voice note support (Mon-Friday) in-between to keep you on track, focused and feeling fully supported

Please note that coaching is not a ‘quick fix’ however it can accelerate your life and recovery exponentially if you are willing to do the work required.

I know that you can do this, that you deserve this, that you are worth investing in, that you are in the right place and that you are held in the highest respect for getting this so far.


I also know that you can live with more peace and freedom than you ever thought possible.


£1400 - £2200 for 4 months intensive support

£350 - £550 every 4 weeks - Sliding Scale Payments available

Start your self-love journey today

Speech Marks

“I’ve been able to make changes bigger than I could ever have dreamed of and am now happier than I ever thought possible. I can never thank Karen enough for the impact she has had on my life and continues to have and couldn’t recommend working with her enough. She’s really a gem!”

Together we are going to sort this out from the body up and the head down, because talking alone does not always cut it!

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Your Investment

Self-Love Method 1:1 Coaching

📝  Deep dive questionnaire 


🤝  30 min getting to know your subconscious beliefs


💜  90-minute Coaching session to get super clear on what you need. 


 ✨ Fortnightly 60 minute calls


💌  Email or Voice Note support (Mon-Friday) in-between to keep you on track, focused and feeling fully supported.

£1400 - £2200 for 4 months intensive support

Sliding Scale Payments available
(£350-£550 every 4 weeks)

Speech Marks

“I find her approach and gentle awareness inspiring. The work she does with women is transformative.”

Standing on the beaach
Karen Headshot

Hi I’m Karen Marie Johnston,

champion of brilliant women, who are sober or in recovery. I’m an award-winning ICF Accredited Coach and experienced social worker who’s spent the last 20 years supporting women from all walks of life to thrive and learn how to be kinder to themselves, so that their dream life & recovery can become a reality. 


I want every woman to know that she can be in her own corner always, and know that all along she was worthy. Working with a coach transformed my life beyond what I thought was possible for me, and I know this can be the same for you if you’re ready to do the work and begin loving yourself.

Is 1:1 coaching for you?

The Self-Love Method is for you if...

  • You’re a self-identifying woman who knows you’re meant for more but aren’t sure how to go about it

  • You are ready to commit to this work

  • You’re tired of putting yourself last all the time and ready to make a change

  • You’re looking for more connection, less self-abandonment.

  • You’re ready to stop giving a crap about other people ‘liking’ you and ‘their opinions’ and are ready to remember who the fuck you are!

The Self-Love Method isn't for you if...

  • You’re looking for a quick fix

  • You’re not open to including the body in this process. 

  • You’re not committed to making changes and being kinder to yourself

  • You believe that if you change the outside, the rest will follow.

  • You are not open to deep nervous system care.

Speech Marks

“Karen has helped me to learn how to build on my self esteem and confidence, live in this world, have relationships with people and most of all how to love and have a relationship with myself.”


How do I know if this is right for me? 

You’ll know deep down whether 1:1 coaching is right for you. 


When can we start coaching together?

I do often have a waiting list for coaching, please get in touch to discuss current availability.

Is there a payment plan? 

Sliding Scale Payments are available - please reach out or we can talk about it on your free 30 min getting to know each other chat. 


I have a different question

No problem! You’re very welcome to email me: with your questions.


Imagine feeling super confident in yourself and believing that your best is good enough, knowing you’ve got a toolkit of support available to you at all times. Not second-guessing all your decisions or letting any guilt set in, and finally being able to manage the overwhelm because you’re able to allow yourself to ask for what you need. You deserve to not only live a life beyond your wildest dreams but also to like yourself in the process.

1:1 Self-Love coaching 
£1400-£2200 for 4 months intensive support

Your journey to being in your own corner starts right here.

Speech Marks Terracotta.png

“Karen is the most wonderfully supportive human being I have ever met. She brims with compassion and empathy and has the most real approach to self care and kindness in the face of trauma and difficulties. She promotes true humanness and the impact she has had on me and my life as her coaching client is immeasurable.

She is driven to make women love themselves no matter what and she shares her own vulnerability to cultivate trust and empathy. I don’t think I have ever met such a selfless person and she comes packaged in a funny, charismatic and charming package. I could never say enough to give a true picture of Karen...everyone needs her in their life!”

Free 101 Resources

My 101 Resources for Women in Recovery E-book is brimming with book recommendations, podcasts, meditations, breath work & yoga, reiki, essential oils & so much more! You’ll also find listings of support groups for people in recovery from trauma, mental health, alcohol misuse, addiction, disordered eating & codependency. Used in the right way, this will be life-changing!  


The Self Love Hub

Supporting each other. Together.

The Self Love Hub is a community created to give daily support & encouragement to women on a recovery pathway. 


It provides tools, tips and inspiration to all those who know they want to improve their relationship with themselves. 

We initially began offering support to women in recovery from addiction, alcoholism, disordered eating, trauma, grief, codependency or mental health. It’s transformed into a gorgeous community for all those who are looking to take care of themselves, in a more compassionate way.


You are incredibly welcome in this online haven of kindness. 


Join our FREE gorgeous community of supportive women. Providing you with daily resources on the journey to Self Love. Be the first to hear about upcoming events!

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