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Get in contact

Whether you want to get in touch about my help with improving the lives of vulnerable women in your community; would like to go on a self-love journey with me; or perhaps have something else you’d like to talk about…the form below is the best way to get in touch.


I'm based in the UK and endeavour to reply within 72 hours but - being human - that might not always happen. My days are often brimming with face-to-face meetings and calls, as well as crisis support, so please bear with me. 


Be kind - a little bit of love goes a very long way.


Looking for a media pack? Find it here ➡

Free 101 Resources

My 101 Resources for Women in Recovery E-book is brimming with book recommendations, podcasts, meditations, breath work & yoga, reiki, essential oils & so much more! You’ll also find listings of support groups for people in recovery from trauma, mental health, alcohol misuse, addiction, disordered eating & codependency. Used in the right way, this will be life-changing!  


The Self Love Hub

Supporting each other. Together.

The Self Love Hub is a community created to give daily support & encouragement to women on a recovery pathway. 


It provides tools, tips and inspiration to all those who know they want to improve their relationship with themselves. 

We initially began offering support to women in recovery from addiction, alcoholism, disordered eating, trauma, grief, codependency or mental health. It’s transformed into a gorgeous community for all those who are looking to take care of themselves, in a more compassionate way.


You are incredibly welcome in this online haven of kindness. 


Join our FREE gorgeous community of supportive women. Providing you with daily resources on the journey to Self Love. Be the first to hear about upcoming events!

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