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'Extraordinary' -
Your 2024 Adventure

The last few years have been A LOT!!!

Let’s just get that out there and acknowledge how much you have been through..

And yet here we are, on the brink of another New Year…


So, is life how we imagined it would be?


Now, I don’t subscribe to the ‘NEW YEAR, NEW ME’ crap, as this version of us is already incredible, we have just lost sight of it. From where I’m sat, there is nothing to ‘change’, we don’t need self-improvement (although that is what we’re often told we need) and that is what we are so often ‘sold’ at this time of year.


You 'need' a new self-care routine, new diet, new gym membership, start running/walking, stop overspending, stop overeating, STOP START STOP START!


We are given a whole bloody list of things we think we are ‘meant’ to do and need to NOT do

and it’s exhausting!


We never feel as though we are doing enough, or getting it ‘right’, and so we get disheartened and disillusioned and our poor hearts and nervous systems are like WTF????

So then we shut-down, or feel highly anxious, and so everything stays as it is and we get ‘stuck’.


Stuck in jobs, relationships and situations that are sucking the life out of us.


And because this is impacting our biology as well as our psychology we can’t ‘goal-set’ and just ‘talk’ our way out of it.

What if I told you, it doesn't need to be like this? (because, it doesn't!)

  • What if the key to actually reducing harmful behaviour, getting ‘unstuck’, creating more actual ‘wealth’ in all areas of our lives, stopping those hideous bloody feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and worthlessness was actually a result of reconnecting to our magic!!!!


  • What if I told you that it is almost impossible to ‘create a life beyond our wildest dreams’ whilst simultaneously criticising the shit out of ourselves for not doing ‘x, y or z’ or doing ‘a, b & c’?


  • What if I told you that the key to creating more peace (deep, go-to-bed-worry-free kinda peace) comes from reconnecting to our innate ‘extraordinary-ness’, to truly know our own goddam brilliance, our brightness, our genius, our innate preciousness and worthiness and to not be scared of owning that?


Because I don’t know about you, but I am so over seeing incredible women not know this. Or even worse, know this, but not want to shine too brightly in case we dim someone else’s light (which is actually not possible).


Imagine being able to know without one inch of doubt that you are in fact 'an extraordinary being’...

You are a true perfection, baby you’re made of stars, you are a lot of soul, mixed with a lot of magic, look how the sky turns gold every time you’re dancing.

You deserve all the love, you’ve got a heart of fire, look at you glow, you gotta believe, you gotta feel…

that you’re an extraordinary being’


(words by Emeli Sandé - go and listen to it after you’ve read this)

And you will be able to see and feel this as a living breathing thing if you work with your physiology alongside your poor frazzled nervous system.


And If your heart just leapt a little bit, trust that it’s a sign…


Because from where I am sat, this version of us is already magic!

You, me + a group of incredible humans who have been through ENOUGH and frankly deserve SO MUCH MORE!!!


Join me on an 'Extraordinary' adventure

​Join me and a group of incredible humans on an extraordinary 21-day adventure of self-love that includes:

  • Mini magic assignments

  • Exclusive access to our private pop-up Facebook group

  • 3 x mini workshops with Karen

  • 1 x INCREDIBLE ‘Extraordinary Dance Party’ with the gorgeous Rachel Wilkinson

  • 1 x ‘Extraordinary’ Trauma-Informed Yoga with the delightful Ali

  • An amazing cohort of incredible humans all on the same journey as you.

These carefully curated magical assignments, will inject a dose of self-

confidence, self-kindness and self-compassion into your life.


By the end of the 21 days (if you have committed to completing the mini assignments) your

capacity for experiencing more joy, more energy, more fun, more space, more time, more of

the brilliance that is YOU will have truly shifted and expanded.


Give us 3 weeks and we will gift you with some information that will blow your mind and supercharge your journey of self-love.


I do not say this lightly, this work is transformative.


“I've learnt more in your workshops than any sessions with any other professional in my whole adult life so far! Everything makes perfect sense. That’s how I feel when you present your workshops, it’s like the pennies are finally dropping all over the place for me and I feel that I can finally learn what I’ve always had missing!”

Here is some feedback from our recent programmes:

Important Dates for your Diary

  • Tuesday 2nd January - We begin our extraordinary journey together!

  • Sunday 7th January -  7pm GMT - Workshop 1

  • Saturday 13th January - Extraordinary Yoga

  • Sunday 14th January - 7pm GMT - Workshop 2 

  • Friday 19th January - Extraordinary Dance Party

  • Sunday 21st January – 7pm GMT - Closing Celebration Party!!!




  • An open Heart

  • An open Mind

  • You are ready and willing to do the work

  • You have an inclusive attitude towards those who have histories including trauma, addiction and mental health.

Karen headshot

Who am I and what do I know….

Karen Marie Johnston is an ICF Accredited Coach, social worker as well as a trauma and nervous system-informed teacher for addiction and mental health recovery.
She organises beautiful retreats and works 1:1 with women who are ready to truly thrive and learn how to be kinder to themselves, so that their dream life & recovery can actually become a reality.

Karen is an inspirational speaker and offers consultancy to professionals, working with women in the sex industry and those with complex trauma. 

She won two prestigious International Coaching Awards and was a finalist in the 2020 National Diversity Awards for Positive Role Model for Gender.

Sign up

Pay - what - supports - you - pricing

Because it is tough at the moment... Please read the following and see which price is right for you. 


Our aim is to bring the very best quality, trauma and nervous-system informed care, to a wider audience.


And, we have costs associated with bringing something like this to life!


Being honest about your situation enables us to continue to provide great content to you whilst sustaining our team. Opting in for a lower price when you know you are not eligible undermines this system and may mean that we cannot offer this going forward.

​The full price is £85 for this course.


Please pay using the following criteria if you sign up NOW!


  • Approx £4 per day (£85) - you can pay in full and are happy to pay it forward.

  • Approx £2 per day (£39) - you are employed full-time

  • Approx £1.50 per day (£29) you are unwaged, work p/t, on benefits, lone parenting


This is a programme offering high level support, with an incredibly experienced team and is AMAZING value!


The information contained within this course is ALL NEW and evidence-based.


We want this brilliant offering to be as accessible as possible and trust that you will be honest with us and yourself.


The green button below will take you to pay what supports you (please put your email as a message on PayPal).


 Email me if you would like another way to pay.


(If you already have my bank details, use those and email me once you have done this.)

Click on the green button below to sign up now


Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you don’t see the answer to your query anywhere here.

Is this a live course?

Yes. You will get the most out of this experience when you schedule LIVE calls into your calendar and show up and commit to the daily magic assignments. Side note: all calls are recorded except the dance therapy (due to music copyright).

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. Once you have signed up you are declaring you are fully committed to this fabulous experience.

Do I need to be on FB?

The FB group is where the community will be. If you aren't fussed about being part of a community and want to take a solo trip, then that will work too as everything is uploaded for you to watch at your leisure. Please note: the FB group will be archived after the course has finished.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Daily assignments will take 5 - 15 mins of your time. Live calls will run for approximately 45 minutes. You can make all the excuses in the world about not having enough time, but you and I both know, when you really want to do something, you WILL find the time. Invest your energy and time into you and watch everything shift.

Can I pay a different way?

Yes, of course. Email me for details of bank transfer.

Can I forward the course information onto other people?

No, please don’t do this.

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