Our Manifesto 

12 Things I Believe....

  • That women in recovery deserve more peace

  • That women in recovery deserve to like themselves

  • That women in recovery are some of the bravest people on the planet

  • That women in recovery need to have the time/space to rest and heal

  • That women in recovery deserve to make friends with their bodies

  • That women in recovery thrive when connected to their heart

  • That women in recovery can learn to manage their inner critic

  • That ‘our defects of character’ do not define us.

  • That we owe less ‘amends’ than we think

  • That we deserve to feel deep joy 

  • That we deserve to love and be loved

  • To reach out and find a hand


That women in recovery deserve to put their head on the pillow at night, knowing that they have done their absolute best and that their best is MORE than enough.


12 Things I Don’t Believe... 

  • That stress and overwhelm is a desirable way of life

  • That we have to 'do recovery' in a certain way

  • That we have to stay small and behave

  • That we should always be grateful.

  • That we should be unhappy in our own skins

  • That we should punish ourselves with exercise, food or overwork

  • That we should feel the need to over-explain and justify ourselves to anyone

  • That we have to be perfect to be accepted

  • That we have to keep other people happy

  • That we have to accept a mediocre life, full of regret

  • That we have to focus on our defects at the expense of our assets

  • That we can’t live the lives we truly deserve

Let’s do this!


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