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The Self-Love Affair A 30-Day Intensive

Now that we've got Valentine's out of the way..

How about you dedicated a whole month to THE MOST important person you know... YOU!!!??

This is the kind of love that lasts longer than a bunch of roses...


In fact, you might just come away knowing that it is in fact YOU, who is the love of your life...


When was the last time you:

  • Felt that you truly mattered

  • Knew without an inch of a doubt that you were of the highest value & worth.

  • Danced around your front room - not caring who was watching !

  • Felt as though there was time to actually breathe, like properly breathe again...

  • And truly remembered who the fuck you are !!

If you are struggling to remember - stay with me!!

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You feel as though there is never enough time

  • You’re working your arse off but feel as though you are chasing your tail

  • You exhaust yourself trying to make everything perfect - AND it never feels like you've done enough

  • You’re trying so hard to please everyone (but at your own expense)

  • You have tried to meditate but your head gets LOUDER

  • You feel guilty whenever you try to prioritise some self-care

  • And you’ve not actually considered what your own hopes, dreams or goals are for ages, because you’ve barely had the space to breathe…

This is not how it has to be!

If you are ready to:

  • Put your own goddam self FIRST

  • Stop running around holding up the flippin sky

  • Stop over-giving and start letting grown-ass people do their own washing !

  • Reduce that awful bloody sense of urgency and pressure

  • Actually relax, settle and pause

  • Begin to feel at home in your own skin

  • Reduce those intrusive thoughts of 'not doing' or 'being enough'

  • And begin to be the kindest to yourself that you have EVER been...

Then you're going to ABSOLUTELY love

The Self-Love Affair

A 30-Day Intensive focusing on your own goddam SELF!!!!


If you know that you have been through enough

And you know that you deserve more...

And you know that it is an 'inside job'

But you are fed up and need a reset…

And you know it should be WAY more fun than this...

But it's completely fucking exhausting !!!

And you know that deep down, you rock but you've kinda got a lot on your plate, so you've forgotten that actually, you are a superstar!!!

Then maybe it's time you woke up and remembered...

Throughout this 30-Day Intensive, you will be given simple, easy-to-action, no-cost daily magic assignments, designed to wake you up and recalibrate you from the inside out!


A sneak peak

of what we have in store…

  • AMAZING mini-workshops with Karen

  • Incredible fun dance therapy with Charlie

  • Trauma-Informed Self-Love Yoga with Ali

  • A pop-up Facebook Group for daily Fun AM/PM check-ins

  • Daily Self-Worth Builders

  • Self-Soothing Practices

  • Exploring Our 5 Senses

  • Making friends with our feelings!

  • Befriending our Nervous System

  • A Free Recovery Toolkit (worth £16.99)

These carefully curated magical self-love assignments, will inject a daily dose of self-confidence, self-kindness and self-compassion into your life.

By the end of the 30 days (if you have committed to completing the daily assignments) your capacity for experiencing more joy, more energy, more fun, more space, more time, more of the brilliance that is YOU…. will have truly shifted and expanded…


Give us 30 days and we will give you your superstar self back !!


She’s always been there, she just got busy, she got tired and she got overwhelmed with other people’s expectations.


But it’s her time  !!!

Possible Side Effects of The Self-Love Affair include:

  • Having WAY more Energy

  • SO MUCH more confidence

  • Feeling WAY more at home in your body

  • Embracing the incredibleness that is YOU

  • Knowing and owning YOUR unique brilliance

  • MORE Self-Trust

  • WAY more Self-Compassion

  • IMPROVED health & sleep

Here are all the details:

The Self-Love Affair 💕 starts on 12th March 2023 and completes on 10th April 2023.

It includes:

  • Daily mini magic assignments (5 minutes or less)

  • Exclusive access to our private pop-up FB group

  • 4 x mini-workshops with Karen

  • 2 x INCREDIBLE Dance Therapy Sessions with the gorgeous Charlie

  • 2 x 30 min SELF-LOVE Trauma-Informed Yoga with the delightful Ali

  • An amazing cohort of incredible women all on the same healing journey as you

Important Dates

  • Sunday 12th March at 7pm UK – Intro Workshop (Karen) 45 mins

  • Sunday 19th March April at 7 pm UK – Dance Therapy (Charlie) 60 mins

  • Thursday 23rd March at 7pm – Trauma-Informed Yoga with Ali

  • Sunday 26th March 7pm Workshop 2 (Karen)

  • Friday 31st March 7pm -Dance Therapy with Charlie (30 mins)

  • Sunday 2nd April 7pm Q&A Karen

  • Saturday 8th April (am) Trauma-Informed Yoga with Ali

  • Sunday 9th April Closing Workshop (Karen)




  • An open Heart

  • An open Mind

  • You are ready and willing to do the work

  • You have an inclusive attitude towards those who have histories including trauma, addiction and mental health.

Karen headshot

Who am I and what do I know….

Karen Marie Johnston is an ICF Accredited Coach, social worker as well as a trauma and nervous system-informed teacher for addiction and mental health recovery.


She organises beautiful retreats and works 1:1 with women who are ready to truly thrive and learn how to be kinder to themselves, so that their dream life & recovery
can actually become a reality.

Karen is an inspirational speaker and expert offering consultancy to professionals. working with women in the sex industry and those with complex trauma.

She won a prestigious International Coaching Award and was a finalist in the 2020 National Diversity Awards for Positive Role Model for Gender.

Her work has been featured on BBC Radio 4's 'Woman Hour' and Channel 4's 'The Secret Millionaire'.

Speech Marks Pinks.png

“Karen’s dedication is astounding and infectious, to be so passionate in what she does makes me strive to help myself and others. And having lived experience of trauma and addiction and then using her own experience to help other women is so important.”

Pay - what - supports - you - pricing

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR email when you sign up to


Please read the following and see which price is right for you, please be honest and respectful.

£39 - you are financially ok currently and have capacity to pay this amount


£29 - you are impacted by financial pressures and paying the higher amount would be tricky.


£19 - you are impacted by financial pressures and paying either of the higher amounts would be tricky. 


We want this brilliant offering to be as accessible as possible and trust that you will make the decision that is right for you, love Karen x

Click on of the buttons below to sign up now


Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can’t see the answer to your query anywhere here.

Is this a live course?

Yes. You will get the most out of this experience when you schedule in the LIVE calls into your calendar and show up and commit to the daily magic assignments. Side note: all calls are recorded except the dance therapy (due to music copyright).

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. Once you have signed up you are declaring you are fully committed to this fabulous experience.

Do I need to be on FB?

The FB group is where the community will be. If you aren't fussed about being part of a community and want to take a solo trip, then that will work too as everything is uploaded for you to watch at your leisure. Please note: the FB group will be archived after 24th April.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Daily play assignments will take 5 - 15 mins of your time. Live calls will run for approximately 45 minutes. You can make all the excuses in the world about not having enough time, but you and I both know, when you really want to do something, you WILL find the time. Invest your energy and time into you and watch everything shift.

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